What Are The Different Types Of Invoices?

An invoice is an accounting document proving a purchase or sale of goods or services. For it to be one, the term invoice must always appear on the document. There are several types of invoices (ordinary invoice, pro-forma, correction / cancellation, deposit, balance, closing…).

What are the main types of invoices that can be encountered?

Ordinary invoice

An invoice is a document comprising a certain number of mandatory information (date of issue, continuous chronological numbering, identity of the buyer, seller, description of the product or service, applicable VAT rate, total amount to be paid excluding VAT and TTC…).

Down payment and balance invoices

The deposit invoice secures the supplier and commits the customer. A deposit is a part of the total amount of an order, paid in advance by the customer, often to validate it. Usually, the deposit requested is 30% of the total amount. The balance invoice is the invoice issued after payment of the deposit, or at the end of the service. Total amount – deposit amount = balance amount.

Proforma invoice

A pro-forma invoice is a provisional document in the form of an invoice. It mentions the prices and general conditions of sale and is sent for informational purposes. It has no legal or accounting value, unlike a quote or an invoice.

Cancellation / correction invoice or credit note

If there is an error on an invoice (amount problem, VAT for example), or if an invoice must be canceled following an unpaid, a refund has been made: it is not possible to modify or delete a bill. You must create a cancellation / correction invoice, also called a credit note .

Adjustment and closing invoices

The regularization and closing invoices concern energy suppliers (gas, electricity). The regularization invoice is generally established following the reading of a meter index or for the upgrading of consumption exceeding the provisions on charge. The closing invoice ends a consumption period and a contract.

What Are The Different Types Of Invoices?

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