This is the home of the Konopka-Cole Family Web Site. While the members of the Konopka-Cole family are currently living in several states, this branch of the Konopka-Cole Family originates from Western Pennsylvania.

Who Will See Our Website?

If everyone wants, we can make certain pages accessible by login and password only - let me know what you think. Feel free to email the location of this site to any family member.

How Shall We Use Our Website?

One of my hopes for this site is to provide a fun and safe place for family members to stay in touch and to learn more about each other. As webmaster, these are some ground-rules I will abide by:

  • No information about you, beyond demographics and generally known news (such as a wedding taking place, someone taking a vacation, public news about your business, etc.), will be posted without your permission. If you send an email to, that will be considered permission to post the information contained within that email, unless you expressly say otherwise.
  • All news, or information will be presented in a positive and "child-friendly" manner.
  • Final editing will be done by me, and will follow common editing rules of publications; being limited to - spelling, sentence structure, formatting and presentation of information etc.

Please feel free to let me know if you think anything is missing from these ground-rules, or if you have any other questions or concerns. It is important to JT that we all feel safe, so we can have fun!

Please email JT and let her know if you'd like to do anything else at this site, want other pages, or functionality. At some point in the future (meaning when JT learns how ;-), we'd like to add the ability to post comments, hold Chats on topics, exchange ideas, recipes etc.

Please take a look at the Newsletter page. I'd appreciate suggestions for additional features you think would be fun or helpful to family members. Let me know if you would like a email address and whether you will need help configuring your email program to use it. Eventually, I will try to post instructions on our site for the most popular email applications.

A Small Concession to Caution

Hard to believe, but the world is not exactly as I would have it. In my world, worries about how someone, some "other" person could use "knowing" me or my family would never out-weight the benefits. For many reasons:

  • Every time we fence out, we also fence it
  • Every time we react out of fear, fear masters us
  • Every time we look toward the darkness in others, we lose our view of the light

But, the information contained here, even as incomplete as it is, is not mine alone. So, in order to try to find a solution that protects but does not bring "total darkness" to this site, I will remove any information anyone is uncomfortable having here. (I was hoping to create a password protected site with membership subscription, but I just cannot spare the time right now.) You may reach me at:, 800-954-4638 between 9A and 7P most days, or, by that old-fashioned method of letter-writing at 157 Bank Street, New London CT 06320

Please feel free to add or correct any information by emailing

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