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One of the cousins mentioned that we don't all know each others names, and some of us have not met - at least, not since we've been old enough to remember. We were hoping that, if we pooled out resources of information, we might come up with a family tree that would connect everyone.

Often, the only way to get something like this done, is to just go ahead and start. Please accept my apologies if you are one of the family members of whom I have not written much - I was surprised to discover how little demographic information I knew. I woud appreciate everyone's assistance in gathering some of the basic information, such as, dates or approximate dates of births, deaths, marriages, etc. as well as children's names with birthdates (better than ages, if you have them - since an age expressed in writing is realtive to when the words were written). If you believe I've goofed, or want to add, drop me an email. Thank you. JT

Konopka-Cole Family of Pennsylvannia

Edith Warwick Stiles Cole Konopka

Edith Warwick Stiles Cole Konopka' s mother, Belle Gray Warwick, died when Edith was born. Edith Warwick was raised by a maternal aunt, surname of Stiles, whose name she assumed. Edith's ancestors came from Ireland. Her father, George Warwick lived to be 84 years old. Edith's first husband was Albert Cole. After Albert's death, Edith married Felix Konopka.

Albert Cole

Albert Cole died in 1938 in a motorcycle accident.

Felix Konopka

Felix Konopka was born April 6, 1886 in Warsaw Poland. Felix came to the United States when he was sixteen (16) years old. He served in a branch of the military. He served in Chattanooga Tennessee for a about six months until World War I was over, and according to his account, mostly peeled potatoes. Due to his service in the military, he was eligible to become a citizen immediately and did so.

There were ten (10) children born to Edith Warwick Stiles Cole Konopka. Fathers of the children were Albert Cole and Felix Konopka. The ten (10) children in birth-order are:

Mary Virginia Stiles Wedziewicz Simpson

Mary was born July 1915 (?) and died about 15 years ago from bone cancer. Frank Wedziewicz was Mary's first husband. Earl Simpson was Mary's second husband. They moved to California around 1952.

Mary and Frank Wedziewicz's children are:

Frank Wedziewicz, Jr. He was born in (approx.) 1937 and is (approx.) 70 years old. Frank lives in California.

Mary and Earl Simpson's children are:

  • Charles "Chuck" Simpson. He was born in (approx.) 1942 and is in his 60's. Chuck lives in Colorado.
  • Judy is the youngest child born to Mary in (approx.) 1956, and is (approx.) 50 years old.

Mildred Lorraine Cole Teodori

Mildred Lorraine was born June 22, 1920. She married Carlo Teodori in 1940. They reside together in Lawrence PA. Mil and Carlo Teodori's children:

Carol Teodori born September 1941 is 59 years old. She married, and later divorced, Tony Hartlage. They have four (4) children:

  • Christy Hartlage. Christy lives New Zealand, and is studying the environment.
  • Robert Hartlage. Robert is married and living in Texas.
  • Nina Hartlage Restivo. Nina is married to Lucas Restivo and lives in Bandera, Texas.
  • Benjamin Hartlage. Ben is a performing musician and works at a design office by day. He lives in Pittsburgh.

Terry Teodori was born in 1942 and is 58 years old. He married and Joanne and they have six (6) children:

  • Eve Marie Teodori. Eve is married with one boy and a second child was on the way when this was written. They live in Western PA.
  • Angela Teodori. Angela is marrried and lives in Western PA. She has 5 children:
    • a sixteen (16) year old daughter
    • a four ( 4) year old son
    • a three (3) year old daugther
    • one year old twins - a son and daugther
  • Carrie Teodori. Carrie has three boys. They live in Western PA.
  • Jenny Teodori. Jenny is married and has 3 children and is expecting her forth at the time this was written. They live in Western PA.
  • Joseph Teodori. Joe is married and lives in Western PA. Joe works with his father, Terry.
  • Nicolas Teodori is the youngest and lives in Western PA.

James Earl Cole

James Earl Cole was born in May 2, 1923. Earl died in July or August 1975 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Earl was a sailor in the Navy and later a coal miner. Earl and Agatha Robinson were married for many years. Agatha still lives in Pennsylvania. They have two (2) daughters, Millie and Donna:

Millie Cole Passafume married and later divorced Paul Passafume. Millie had been ill for some time with cancer before she passed away in 2002 at the age of (approx) 52 years old. Millie lived in Library PA. Everyone who knew and loved Millie will remember her most for her candor, her laugther and her generous heart.

Donna Cole Fleming is Earl and Agatha's youngest daugther and is (approx.) 56 years old. She has two children and currently lives in Belle Vernon, PA.

Howard Kenneth Cole

Howard Kenneth Cole was born November 13, 1924. Howard married Jeanne and they raised two daugthers, Cindy and Karen and has three (3) grandchildren, two (2) girls and one boy. Howard lived in California for many years, most recently with Jeanne in Lake Forest CA. After winning a few battles along the way, Howard lost his was with cancer in the summer of 2002. See our tribute to Howard at "In Loving Memory".

Joseph Felix Konopka Marlowe

Joseph Felix Konopka was born 4-26-1926. He died on October 25, 1996 from a stroke. He was in the Navy. Joe then changed his surname to Marlowe to promote his wrestling career. He moved to Northern California in the 1940's. Joe was married and may have a son born in November 1949. Joe was a bricklayer mason. Joe last lived in Danville, California.

Helen Marjorie Konopka Thomas Weisgraber

Helen Marjorie Konopka was born March 29, 1928 in Bentleyville PA. When Helen was 8 months old, the family moved to Coverdale PA. Helen left home at sixteen (16) on an adventure to Florida with her brother, Howard. She later moved to Albany NY where she met and married Robert Paul Thomas on March 7, 1949. Helen and Robert Thomas have two (2) daugthers, Kathleen Ann and Joyce. Robert died in March 21, 1965. Helen then met Harold "Butsy" Weisgraber through mutual friends when attending a wedding in 1966. Helen and daughters moved to Norwich and Butsy and Helen were married October 1966. Helen worked as a waitress most of her life until retiring in 1989. In 2003, Helen moved to Florida and now lives in West Palm Beach.

Helen's and Robert Thomas' children:

Kathleen Ann Thomas was born November 24, 1949 in Albany New York. Kathleen and William Weseman of Norwich CT were married in 1969 and have one child, a daugther, Christine. Kathy and William Weseman divorced in 1974. Kathleen worked as a licensed practical nurse, a newspaper reporter in Texas and drove a truck for a brief time. Kathy later married John Corman from the State College PA area. They were married in Key West, Florida and eventually lived in Wells, New York. Kathy died in May 1984 at the age of 34 years old from stroke and kidney failure due to advanced diabetes.

  • Christine was born in April, 1970. She and her husband, Michael have three children and currently live in North Dakota.

Joyce Thomas was born in May 1952 in Albany New York. Joyce and Frank Peter Szarka were married October 15, 1968. They have one child, Robert Charles Szarka. Joyce and Frank Szarka were divorced in 1979. They reunited in 1990 and lived in Norwich CT until Frank's death in 2004. Frank retired from Dow Chemical summer 2001, and began Szarka & Son, Inc, an Electrical Services business in 2002. Frank was a licensed electrical contractor. His obituary may be viewed at http://szarka.com/obituary.html. Joyce was employed as a social work supervisor for the CT child protective department for over 22 years. She left the department to re-learn how to breathe and to work outside a bureaucracy. JT & her son, Rob, currently run a web design company, Bizgrok, Inc. Thanks to the "blue wire" guy, Frank Szarka, they are working out of offices at their home in Norwich Connecticut. JT continues to provide pro bono web design to the Connecticut Foundation for Environmentally Safe Schools, Leffingwell House Museum, and David Morse — activist for relief for Sudan and the Darfur region. JT ocassionally has time to update her own web sites at http://joyworks.net/, YellowCanary, MoreThanSoup, CourtCafe and Putting in the Seed.

In 2007, Joyce met Glenn, formerly a contractor/carpenter. In 2008 they hit the road, visiting Sault Ste Marie in Michigan to check out the locks between the US & Canada, then on to North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah - visiting national parks and family along the way. Having survived five weeks on the road, Joyce and Glenn decided to continue their journey together. They are currently living together in Norwich where they are occupied for some time fixing Joyce's old house - unless they find themselves in possession of the winning powerball ticket.

  • Robert Charles Szarka was born April 4, 1969. He lives in Norwich CT with his cat named Bird. Rob and Ellen Leffingwell Szarka were married February 13, 1987 and divorced in 2001. Rob is the head tech guy at Bizgrok, Inc. Rob has become a swing dance devotee and has taken an active role in promoting swing dancing in Eastern Connecticut. He is a dance instructor and D.J. Stop by Lindy Hop DJ Rob Szarka for a listing of his upcoming DJ spots. Better yet - Come Dance! In 2008, Rob received a fellowship from the University of Connecticut to pursue a masters in Economics.

Stanley Paul Konopka

Stanley Paul was born May 17, 1938. Stanley and Barbara Schotting were married, raised five (5) children, and were later divorced. Stanley moved to California and lived in the San Francisco area. Stanley is married to Kate Brocco. Stanley became bricklayer mason and ran his own business until retirement. Stanley is a performing musician and his music may be heard on the Internet at the Napster website. According to Stanley, "Everyone in my family has their own business doing something. They all take after their dad."

Stanley and Barbara Schotting's children:

Rhonda Konopka Gerber. Rhonda and her husband, Steve Gerber live in Tega Cay South Carolina.

Barbara Lee Biehl. "Bobbie" and her husband, Mike Biehl live in Waxhaw North Carolina.

Stanley Paul Konopka Jr. Stanley and his wife, Carol live in Manteca California.

Jaime Ann Konpka Sturtevant. Jammie and her husband, Pete Sturtevant they live in Charlotte North Carolina

John Peter Konopka. Johnny lives in Pleasantion California. His daugther, Trevor Leigh Konopka, is 15 years old, and his son, Jackson Lee Konopka was born July 2002.

Edward John Konopka

Edward John Konopka was born June 18, 1939. Edward and Arlene married and have three daughters, Kim and twin girls, Darleen and Doreen:

Kim Konopka. Kim lives in Washington PA.

Doreen Konopka Friend married James Friend.

Darleen Konopka Fisher is married and lives in Waynesburg PA. She and her husband have one daughter, Kaitlan.

Charles Raymond Konopka

Charles Raymond Konopka was born May 2, 1941. Ray and Patricia Worst married in 1962 and raised five (5) children. They were later divorced in 1983. Ray currently married to Patricia (Pat) Stevens.

Ray and Patti Worst's children:

Anthony Raymond Konopka. Tony was born September 23, 1962. Tony married Christine of Baldwin PA on August 27, 1993. Tony and Chris live in Peters Township where Tony operates his business, ARK Home Improvements Inc. Tony and Chris have three (3) daughters:

  • Tara Rae Konopka, born January 15, 1994 is 6 1/2 years old.
  • Carley Jo Konopka, born January 10, 1997 is 3 /1/2 years old.
  • Alyssa Renee Konopka, born October 29, 1998 is 2 years old.

Judy Konpka Holt was born April 3, 1964. Judy married Dan Holt on May 27, 1990. They live in Ohio-pyle PA with their four (4) sons.

  • Michael Anthony Holt was born March 20, 1982 and is 18 years old. Michael is currently working at Konopka Contracting, Inc. for his Uncle Ray.
  • Robert "Bobby" Steven Holt was born August 30, 1990 and is 10 years old.
  • Tyler Daniel Holt was born July 6, 1992 and is 8 years old.
  • Tanner Michael Holt was born March 7, 1994 and is 6 yrs old.

Raymond Richard Konopka. Raymond was born January 18, 1966. Raymond married Michelle McPherson of Baldwin PA in 1996. They live in Bethel Park with their seven-month-old son, Raymond II. They own Konopka Contracting, Inc. of PA.

Robert William Konopka. Bob was born October 29, 1968. Bob and Gina Konopka were married in recently in October 6, 2000. Bob is currently working with his brother, Tony. Bob and Gina have (1) son. Anthony Richard was born March 6, 1998 and is almost 13 years old.

Tricia Konopka Cerro. Tricia was born August 11, 1971. Tricia, Ray and Patty's youngest daugther, married Joseph Cerro on May 3, 1997. Tricia received a BA in Elementary Education/Early Childhood from California University of PA in 1994 (where she and Joe met). Joe works for The Breadworks and coaches high school football for Seton LaSalle Catholic High School. They live in Pittsburgh with their two (2) daughters:

  • Angelina Cerro was born April 8, 1998 and is almost 13 years old.
  • Maria Cerro was born September 30, 2000 and is 8 years old.

Ronald Zigmond Konopka

Ronald Zigmond Konopka was born May 30, 1942. He married Marge and they had two (2) daughters, Cindy and Renee. Ron and Marge were later divorced. Ron, then, married Linda Marie Sickles Feather Konopka. (Reportedly, Linda is distantly "related to Daniel Edgar Sickles, an infamous General at the battle of Gettysburg and congressman of New York.") Ron worked at Otis Elevator for many years and is currently retired. Until retirement, Linda was a trainer and consultant for Avon. They live in Homosassa, Florida.

Ron and Marge's children:

  • Cindy Konopka lives in Florida.
  • Renee Konopka Roman married and later divorced. Renee lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a Fishery Reporting Specialist in the 10 coastal counties from Tampa/St. Petersburg area north to Wakulla county.

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