Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Stop back from time to time to share our travels. If you've done some traveling that you'd like to share, please send me your pictures, and stories to be displayed off this page. Email your photos in either .jpg (best) or .bmp format, if possible. If you have copies of your photos, but no scanner, send me a few of your favorite photos and I will scan them asap. Please remember to include:

  • your address, if you wish the photos returned.
  • information about where and (approx) when the photos were taken
  • identify people and places in the photos
  • include at least a few lines, or more, about your adventure

Just a brief acknowledgement and thank you to the author of the phrase used for the title of this page, Dr. Seuss. Published in 1990, Oh, The Places You'll Go!, is, perhaps, one of Dr. Seuss' best books (although a counter-claim will most likely be made Green Eggs and Ham devotees) .

Dr. Seuss, exhibits vision and a deep understanding of the human soul and spirit, and makes even the most difficult journeys through life a bit less scary. In this book, he challenges us to acccept our fears and our failings, to revel in our dreams and schemes, to take joy in our success, to have the courage to venture forth into life's adventures with faith, fortitude and good-humor - no matter what our age, our history or the challenges before us. If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it for all us kids, no matter how old we look on the outside ~JT

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