Ron and Linda Konopka ~ 2000

As some of you may know, Ron Konopka went to Africa on safari this year - and did his part to decrease the herds. This is the latest hunter news from Linda, "Ron's been out hunting feverishly (what else?). He already bagged a nice 6 point whitetail. He's created another "hunting fanatic" in Tony Konopka (Ray's son), and is spreading his hunting enthusiasm to whoever will hunt with him!!!

Ron's thinking about retiring this spring. If he does, I feel sorry for any pheasants, deer, bunnies, etc. left in the woods. With all that free time on his hands, he could single handedly wipe out the local wildlife! I never know what new "critter" I'm going to find hanging on my walls as I walk into the house. I now have a whitetail, a mule deer, a ram, a boar hog, two turkeys (one of which had the misfortune of strolling too close to our house), a musky and a black bear! And that's not all...he still has some mounts coming in from his trip to Africa! I think six in all! I wonder if "Greenpeace" is aware of Ron?"

Linda reports that she has been busy at work at Avon. For the past two years, Linda has been the manager at the Avon Beauty Center, located in Ross Park Mall. Recently Avon decided to open up the opportunity to Avon Representatives to have their own kiosks in malls around the country. Avon asked Linda to "flex-up", so in addition to her duties as manager, she is also flying all over the place training new Licensees on the many intricacies of the retail world. Linda says, "It's great fun...I really love it...but I'm exhausted most of the time!" Linda will be flying to Dallas soon to observe a training meeting for regular beauty consultants by the Avon national trainer. Best of luck, Linda. Sounds like you are enjoying your work.

Ron and Linda recently had the pleasure of going to Bobby (Ray's son) and Gina's wedding. Linda wrote, "What a great couple they make! We were so happy we could go. Always great to get together with the family on happy occasions. Gina looked beautiful. Her wedding gown was gorgeous! And Bobby was so handsome in his "tux"."

Renee (Konopka) Roman

Heard from Renee (Konopka) Roman. Renee is Ron Konopka's youngest daughter. Renee is working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ U.S. Department of Commerce in St. Petersburg, Florida. She wrote that her "official title (which is about to change) is Fishery Reporting Specialist. Hopefully soon it will be Fishery Biologist. Basically, I collect data pertaining to the commercial fishing industry in my reporting area. My area is 10 coastal counties from Hillsborough (Tampa)/Pinellas (St.Pete) north to Wakulla county (St.Marks). I visit the commercial dealers & fishermen in my area and collect biological, catch-effort & socio-economic data. I do this by measuring fish, taking samples of fish (otolith & gonads), interviewing the captain of the vessel and so on. I also keep my "men" informed on what's happening in their fishery, i.e., new rules, upcoming meetings, proposals, etc. I'm basically the only NMFS employee they see except for Law Enforcement. The majority of my time is spent in the field, which I love. There's always plenty of excitement with the commercial guys, they keep me on my toes and they keep me laughing. Can you tell I love my job? It's really a fantastic job. I was very lucky to get it. I've been here at this position for a little over 4 years."

Check out the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ U.S. Department of Commerce out at and drop Renee a line at her email address. (See our Member's Page for Renee's email address.)

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