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News From the West Coast

CLICK HERE John Konopka (son of Stanley & Barbara Konopka) sent a great photo of Joe Marlow as a young man posing for a promotional boxing photo. John says, "it's a signed autograph uncle Joe signed for me. Uncle Joe was so proud of this picture. He is very buffed and a stud in this picture. This is very fitting of him as I have known him during my times with him in California. Uncle Joe was a stud and took me out many times to his hot spots and bars with the ladies. He was a ladies man until he died. He would like to be remembered as the stud he was. I have some stories from uncle Joe before he died."

In Loving Memory
Howard Kenneth Cole
1924 - 2002

Howard Cole, 1944 Left: Howard in 1944
Right: Howard in 2000
Howard Cole, 2000

There's no way to erase the sadness we all feel at the loss this summer of Howard Cole - brother, husband, father, uncle and friend. Howard fought valiantly for life and treasured each moment that he spend with his family. Many of us have wonderful stories about times we spent with Howard - and I'd bet most of them involve laughter. I have several "Uncle Howard" stories and will share my favorite with you all here. I invite you to share your favorite stories as well. Email me at jt@konopka-family.org and I will post your story here at Our Stories of Howard

News From the East Coast

The family has spread out over the country over the years. While it sure makes it harder to see each other and to stay in touch with the everyday lives - it makes for more places to visit! Wonder what a cross-country relative-trek would look like?

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