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Email Addresses

Email JT to get your konopka-family email address and never have to change your email address again, or create a special place to receive mail from your family.

"" Email Addresses are Free to Konopka-Cole Family

For those of you who already have email addresses, we can "point" your address to that email address. What this means is that - you will continue to use the Internet Service Provider you currently use, and keep that email address. But, for those places/times/people that you wish to use a "never-changing" email address - use your new email address. Even if you change your ISP (your Internet Service Provider) - you keep the address. You just let JT know, and we'll "point" your address to that new address. All your email will go into one email box.

For example: If you currently have a netzero email address, we'll send (point) your address to it. All your mail shows up in the mailbox - even the mail sent to your address. A few months from now, you decide to get an Yahoo email account and a new Yahoo email address. Let JT know, and we'll change the configuration so that any mail to your address now goes to the new Yahoo email address. This is one way to not have to tell everyone every time you change your email address. Just have them use the address - and we'll make sure it follows you... ;-)

Just drop JT an email message with your information. Send you current email address, the username you want for your new address. ( - "jt" is the username and "" is called the domain.)

Please feel free to add or correct any information by emailing
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